Graphic design and motion

Max Innovation is a company based in Antananarivo Madagascar working in the visual communication sector. Having several years of experience, we will support you throughout your projects for a collective and long-term success.
Max Innovation is already more than a dozen collaborators and more than hundreds of projects deliverable all over the world.

3d and WebGL development

A strong ally for your marketing

The use of 3D also appears to be a marketing ally for professionals. This technology allows a better realism, which enhances the advantages of your products, in particular thanks to well thought out lighting effects. 3D also allows you to have a global vision of your products and therefore to clearly visualize its operations. This is real added value for your business, which sends an attractive, modern and quality image to its customers.

We can create photo-realistic 3D images, fluid animations with breathtaking environments and also model product models with very complex shapes.

Interactive 3D on the web

At the forefront of technical innovation, many sectors (automotive, aeronautics, architecture, medicine, ...) have everything to gain by using the possibilities of 3D on a web page. On the one hand, it allows you to create dynamic, interactive, innovative sites, with or without Virtual Reality, or without Augmented Reality.

You have a predefined 3D model? we can integrated and displayed it on a web page with beautiful and amazing ligthing and environment effects. We can take all 3D models format like .3ds .fbx .gltf .obj .max .c4d ...

Web desing,development, SEO and hosting

Do you want a quality website?

Whether static or dynamic, your websites will have a completely different point of view with a modern, attractive and ergonomic design. To invest in a website is to invest in a secure value.

Mobiles apps

Do you want to increase your notoriety even more?

Mobile applications will give you a head start on your competitors. We can suggest you intuitive, practical, and ergonomic applications whether on Android or iOS